Tales of hacking, madness and obsession on the electronic frontier

'Underground' by Suelette Dreyfus
with research by Julian Assange
475 pages with bibliography
ISBN: 1 86330 595 5
RRP $19.95 AUD (approx. $11 USD)
Published June 1997 by Random House Australia

This site is a HTML version of the original text version, which was made freely available online by its author, Suelette Dreyfus and researcher, Julian Assange.

The home page at www.underground-book.com contains downloadable text and Palm DOC versions. I converted the text to HTML, using WebMake; from there, it was converted to Palm formats using Sitescooper.

Formats available here:

Also, if you're curious, view the WebMake source file (warning: this contains the entire book text and markup: 948k in total).

-- Justin Mason

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